Harper Gets a Doll of his Own, and So Does a Child in Need

My daughter Trixie loves to take care of her special rag dolls.  Her favorite is her Wee Wonderfuls doll my mom got her for Christmas a couple of years ago from The Land of Nod.  She gets the whole bed to herself.

image girls bedroom yellow pink bed

They are tall, soft, and lovable.  The girls pictured below are Clara and Agnes and are available at The Land of Nod.

image wee wonderful doll Clara, Land of Nodimage of Wee wonderful doll Agnes, Land of Nod

Sometimes Trixie lets Harper play with her special girls, which is lovely when it happens.  He usually gets pretty frustrated that he doesn’t have his own doll.  It doesn’t matter how many rag dolls we find him in our stash, Harper wants a boy doll.  I decided that I would find him a boy doll for Christmas that is equally as fabulous as the Wee Wonderfuls are.

I spent hours searching online whenever I had a spare moment during the pre-holiday madness, and finally, after days of looking, I found it!

The company who makes this special guy is The Doll Kind.  What a find!  The Doll Kind donates a doll to a child in need with every one they sell.  Two moms founded the company and they are all about doing good things for children.  I was so happy to have finally found the perfect gift for my sweet son.

image, The Doll Kind: The Hope Doll
His name is The Hope Doll.  His green hair is super cute and his outfit is super stylish.  He fits right in with Trixie’s Wee Wonderfuls and he even has something to share with them.  The Hope Doll came with little wooden tokens, each with a different kind and loving message on them for you to share.  Harper adores giving the tokens to us in unexpected moments. Who doesn’t love getting a sweet sentiment for their child?!

image boys bedroom kids decor

My boy loves his doll!



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