An Old Clock Repurposed – Before & After

image clock with wood grain face

It was a sad day when this clock broke.  It was just an office clock from Target, but I loved the fake wood and the minimal  font.  Oh well.  Months ago our kittens somehow knocked it off the wall and it couldn’t be repaired.  Steve wanted to chuck it, but I wanted to save it (imagine that!).

I figured that some day, I would have something round that I would want to frame.

As I was cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago–which I am still doing and feel like I will be doing for the rest of my born days–I found a suitcase filled with vintage linens from my grandparents’ house.  Inside it was a round doily in perfect condition!  It was time to dig out the clock and get to work.

image antique lace doily

I pried off the top piece with the glass, and removed the arms and the works in the back.  Then I used white spray paint (on one of our 50+ degree winter days) to cover the “wood” clock face and the dark edges.

image deconstructed clock face, painted white

The doily fits perfectly.  A few archival-quality double-stick pads keep the corners in place, and I used the small, round pin that held the clock’s hands, to secure the center of the doily.  Now I just have to figure out where to hang it!

image, antique doily framed in repurposed round clock frame

I love to share a good repurposing story!



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