Harper gets Liberty Spikes

image boy with liberty spikes in hair

Harper’s class had a special celebration last week for the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Monday was Fox in Socks day – the more socks the better, I think he wore three pairs and it was tough getting shoes on. Tuesday he wore green head to toe for Green Eggs & Ham day. Wednesday was dress wacky for Wacky Wednesday. Harper wore a wetsuit! Thursday was Whoville Hair Day and Friday was crazy hat day, celebrating the The Cat in the Hat. The kids loved it.

All of the boys in Harper’s class have short hair and many of them were planning to spike and color their hair.  Harper decided he wanted to spike his hair too.  Well, the boy has a lot of long and fine hair.  I tried some different products and techniques the night before and he liked the look but it wasn’t holding.  YouTube saved me.  There are so many videos on making Liberty Spikes and most of them use the same product, Got2B Glue Blasting Freeze Spray.  Steve went out that night and found it for me.  The next morning we started bright and early to get this boy spiked.

Supplies: Got2B Glue Blasting Freeze Spray, brush, comb, clips or bands, hair dryer and a small towel.

image boy with liberty spikes in hairAfter brushing and combing the hair you make sections for each spike and tie them off with a clip or band.  Have your child cover their face with a towel as you get ready to spray.  Then take the first section of hair and spray a bunch into the base of the spike at the scalp and move the product up through the spike.  Spray a little more to the entire spike.  Grab that hair dryer and behold, the magic.  That’s it.  If the spike is droopy just spray some more and blow dry again.

When it was time to get rid of the spikes I was nervous about the product staying in his hair, but with a little shampoo it came right out.  No residue.

Thank you to all of the Punk Rockers on YouTube for such thorough and hilarious tutorials.

Here’s to creative parenting!



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